Sue Anna Joe was born in 1982. While growing up she was always involved with the arts; she liked to draw, write poetry, and was involved in the theater. In 2003, she picked up her first digital camera. She started taking self-portraits and it was during this experimenting stage that she fell in love with photography. She found that photography was the perfect tool for self-expression.

No longer a mere hobby, over the years she has won:
+ International Photography Awards , 2009 (First Place, People: Self-Portrait pro category) + International Photography Awards, 2009 (Honorable Mention, Special Digitally Enhanced pro category) + Filem Festival Malaysia - 21 , 2008 (Best Poster Award) + Vida! Attitude Award , 2004 (Photography)

She opened up a photography & design studio in 2009 called Itudio Studio, but closed it in 2011 as she decided to complete her studies. She has also been featured in magazines, media, made television appearances and gave talks and conducted workshops for photography enthusiasts.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guerillagraphy Workshop is back!

I have decided to conduct my Guerillagraphy Workshop once again.  I  plan to have this workshop all over Malaysia starting from Klang Valley. If you would like for my to come to your area or state, it would be great if you could find me a location to conduct the workshop.

Since this is a 'Guerilla' style workshop the location can even be right from your own home. Each session is open for 6 participants. If you can get me a space, and participants, I'd be happy to conduct the workshop. The cost of the workshop will be determined depending on a number of factors such as the location. 

I also offer this workshop to colleges, unis, schools, clubs, companies, etc.. If you are interested, please contact me at so we can discuss. 

So what is Guerillagraphy? 

"Creativity through limitation" - Just work with what you have. Even with a basic compact camera, or even your camera phone you can come up with interesting and creative images. It's the person who uses the tool that makes a difference. 

You don't need expensive, professional equipment like studio lighting to come of with an intruiguing shot. I started off with a 5 megapixel camera, my home, my room, my bathroom was my studio. My scarves became my backdrop. The natural light became my 'studio light'. All you need is a little creativity. 

Workshop Brief

  • Learn how to be creative with limited camera function, equipment, location, etc...
  • Learn how to work with natural light
  • Basic editing skills using Adobe Photoshop
  • Practical session (with a model)
  • One-to-one session with each participant
  • Critique session

So do stay tuned for updates. The first session will probably start mid/late September onwards as I need to properly organize and plan the workshop. 

Much Love,
Sue Anna Joe

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